If you would like to use your own maps on your website or in your application and do not have your own WMS service, our Map Hosting Service can be used. Our “WMS Map Hosting Service” supports vector-based maps such as Esri Shapefiles and PostGIS databases, as well as georeferenced raster files such as GeoTIFF. Other file formats, such as AutoCAD and Vectorworks are supported by converting the map data to the Shapefile format or a supported raster file format.

As part of preparing the map for hosting, we will also produce a mbtiles map that can be used with the Handheld app.

Preparing maps for WMS Hosting

To use our Map Hosting Service for ArcGIS compatible maps, please prepare the maps as follows:

  • Make sure the map and all map layers use the “web mercator auxiliary sphere / EPSG:3857” projection.
  • Make sure the map extent is properly defined.
  • Run the command, “Analyze map” from the ArcGIS file menu and fix any warnings or errors.
  • For optimal visual appearance, we recommend that you follow these guidelines.
    • Avoid using a black outline colour on polygons. Try instead to use an outline colour with a more subtle contrast, such as Dark Blue Outline for Blue polygons and Dark Green outline for Green polygons.
    • Avoid transparency.
    • 3D symbols are not supported on WMS.
    • Use low contrasting colours.
    • Remove unused layers.
    • Data Frame
      • Remove rotation and reference scale, if used.
      • If you have gaps between polygons, consider using a black background.
  • Send us the map as a “Map Package”:
  • Send the file directly to us via a file sharing service, such as www.wetransfer.com.

If you have other types of maps available, please get in touch, and we will be able to advice you on how to proceed.