We are very pleased to share the news with you that from December 14th 2022, our products and services are now being supplied by Species360, Minneapolis, MN, USA (www.Species360.org). Though we are now a part of Species360, our team members have remained the same and will continue to service the community as before. We are currently in a period of transition, during which our website and other online resources will updated. For more details about the new changes, please visit https://www.hortis.com/blog/the-hortis-team-joins-species360

Our History

Our mission is to provide market leading tools to further the impact and prosperity of plant collection holders.

We believe technology should be reliable, feel effortless and provide new opportunities, and above all make it easier for botanical collection holders to reach their goals in the important work they do. The concerns and needs of the community are the driving force and inspiration for all the work we do.

Botanical Software Ltd. was established in 2007 as one of three companies working on the IrisBG Software Package. In addition to being involved in the development of the software with the focus on mobile solutions, Botanical Software also had the sole responsibility for marketing the product and building up the community. Starting with 6 institutions in 2007, we grew to a thriving community of 170 institutions on four continents by the end of 2019.

To be in a better position to deal with the challenges ahead, it was decided in December 2019 to discontinue the IrisBG collaboration between Botanical Software Ltd, Compositae AS and Digital Forvaltning AS. As a consequence, all the products and services of Botanical Software formerly promoted under the name “IrisBG” were rebranded with the new name “Floria”. For more details about the changes, please read https://botanicalsoftware.com/2019/12/collaborate-innovate-and-adapt/

In June 2021, at the American Public Garden Association annual conference, Botanical Software launched the Next Generation Plant Record system Hortis. Hortis is a plant collection platform which extends beyond the traditional definition of a plant records system. Our aim to redefine the role and usefulness of plant records in botanic gardens through innovation.

From December 24th 2022, the team members at Botanical Software have moved over to Species360 and all our products and services are supplied by Species360, Minneapolis, MN, USA (www.Species360.org).

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