Floria Mobile (formerly IrisBG Mobile), introduced in 2008, is an app made to view and update your plant collection on a portable device using Windows Embedded Handheld.

Please note that Windows Embedded Handheld is no longer beeing developed by Microsoft and access to mobile devices is limited. For a wider range of options and features, we recommend Floria Handheld for Android and Apple iOS.

No need for live data connection

  • The device is synchronized via a USB connection with your desktop database using the Floria Mobile Synchronizer. Changes to the database made on the device are available in a separate log (Inbox).
  • Any changes made are saved on the device until the next time you synchronize.

Search, update and add new accessions

  • An accession can be found based on full or partial accession number, planting number, name, location, family and/or genus.
  • Core data can be retrieved and viewed for a given accession or plant.
  • Details such as plant status, label type, label status, measurements, coordinates, comments, etc., can be updated.
  • New accessions and new planting can be recorded.
  • A complete log of the recently opened accessions is available in the history log on the device.
  • Photographs of a plant can be taken with the device and added directly to the database.

Map support

  • The location of all plants related to an accession can be displayed on a map.
  • The location of all matching accessions from a search can be displayed on a map.
  • Map coordinates can be updated directly on the map or by using the integrated GPS.
  • Select from your favourite base maps and preload them onto the device ensuring a smooth user experience and avoiding the need for a live data connection.

Record tasks and tree inspections

  • Full support for updating and adding tasks/inventories and plant inspections.
  • Update all plant records related to a task or inspection in one operation. Change planting status, label information or location.


  • Tight barcode integration with several Motorola devices.
  • Frequently used text phrases can be saved and reused to speed up text entry.

Technical features

  • Touch friendly user interface without the need to use a stylus.
  • Dynamic screen size adjustment (VGA, WVGA, QVGA).
  • Compatible with touch screen and/or keyboard enabled devices.
  • Camera integration (where available).
  • The device is synchronized with your database by connecting a USB cable between the device and the Mobile synchronizer.
    The synchronization process supports auditing before changes are committed to the database.

Device requirement

  • Devices running Microsoft Embedded Handheld/Windows Mobile with touch screen.
  • A range of screen resolutions and page orientation are supported. Portrait WVGA or VGA screen is recommended.
  • Integrated maps and GPS is only supported on selected models. Contact us for more details.

Finding the right device

Deciding on what device to buy can be difficult. Below we have compiled a list of features that we recommend you consider when selecting a device. We have also included a short list of recommended devices. If you have a specific model in mind that is not listed below, please get in touch and will do our best to help you.

Features to take into consideration

  • Screen – A larger screen will give a better user experience and capacitive touch screens are more responsive with touch.
  • Camera – A device camera will never replace a DSLR, but can be a convenient option when you are out in the garden.
  • GPS – With Floria mobile, you can update plant location visually on the map, but precision GPS may be an option you would like to consider.
  • Keyboard – Hardware or software keyboard. An integrated hardware keyboard will improve text entry but also make the device bulkier.
  • Phone – In many case, staff have their personal mobile for telephone use, making phone support on the Floria mobile device irrelevant.
  • Barcode – Using barcodes on your nursery labels and labels in the garden can be a productivity booster.
  • Ruggedness – Rugged devices are splash proof, will survive being dropped on the floor, and you would expect them to live longer. Please note that the rugged devices are larger and heavier.
  • Performance – All devices below will perform well with Floria mobile.
  • Price – The rugged models typically cost two or three times its consumer grade counterpart.