The built in data protection found in our internet hosted database service makes taking data backup’s to protect against hardware failure unnecessary.

In November 2012, we introduced the possibility for users to update multiple Accessions and Taxa in one operation. Although this is a great time saver, it also increases the risk of users making mistakes that are much harder to revert. For this reason, we have decided to introduce regular backups as part of our hosted database service. This extra feature will be supplied without extra cost and is up and running from January 2013.

A backup is taken of your database on the morning of Wednesday and Saturday. We keep a copy of each backup for 8 weeks, which would cover the possible scenario of returning from vacation to discover that serious mistakes had been made in your absence. We would like to stress that it has never happened that a customer has asked us to help them restore a database backup due to user failure, on the other hand, we also appreciate the importance of your data and believe belts, braces and airbags are appropriate in this case.

The new backup feature is described in more detail in the article, internet hosted database service. (chapter “Protection against user error”).

Improvements in the Cloud Database Service