We are happy to inform you that Floria App Manager version 5 is now available from our download page.

Join our webinar on Wednesday October 21st (3pm UK time / 10am Eastern time US) for a walk through of the new features.

The most important changes in version 5 are:

  • App Manager 5 includes multi-version compatibility with IrisBG Desktop starting from IrisBG Desktop version 3.6.4 up to the current version and the risk of compatibility issues going forward is significantly reduced. 
  • App Manager now includes its own reconciliation screen and changes will be submitted directly to IrisBG via the data import feature. 
  • You will be required to have a license for the IrisBG data import feature * .
  • The new version will require a dedicated database connection. This is already configured for users of our Cloud Database Hosting Service, otherwise follow the instructions in the installation guide.
  • For more details, visit. https://support.botanicalsoftware.com/Help/Appman/topics/idh-topic910.htm 

If you still use App Manager version 4, you can install version 5 along with version 4 and use both versions. 

* To compensate our users for the extra licence requirement, we have decided to offer all Floria App customers one extra free app sync licence, including a one year free support subscription for that extra licence. You can decide whether you wish to continue to use this extra licence after the year has expired. 

Furthermore, all customers will now also have the capability to create a public anonymized dataset which will allow colleagues and peers to explore your plant collection using the App at no additional cost.

App Manager 5.0 released