The importance of having the ability to collaborate, innovate and adapt in our industry of science and technology cannot be overstated. This aspect becomes even more critical when going through a period of transition due to high demand and growth, as we have been doing for the last few years.

The IrisBG software package is a result of a collaboration between the companies, Botanical Software Ltd, Compositae AS and Digital Forvaltning AS and has for many years been very successful. However, the three partners have for some time had difficulties agreeing on the future vision and direction of the partnership. This has stifled our ability to manage our growth.

To secure the future of your investment in us and to make us better prepared to deal with the challenges ahead, we have decided to go our own ways. From today, all the products and services of Botanical Software formerly promoted under the name “IrisBG” will be rebranded with the new name “Floria”. This includes our mobile solutions and our free community tools. Rest assured that all your existing software licences will receive continued support, but now through two companies. We appreciate that this is inconvenient for you, for which we are truly sorry. We believe the steps we are taking will make us more equipped than ever to improve the way we work and will benefit the community by providing even better tools and services for you to work with.

The positive feedback from the community we have received over the years has been wonderful. Our recent work on the App has opened up new and innovative ways institutions can capture and use their plant collection data and we are very excited to explore this further. We are also committed to continuing our work with the community by organizing conferences, workshops, webinars and expanding our new Team Coaching & Training sessions.

We are very conscious of and grateful for the trust you have placed in us by believing in the work we do. Thank you very much!!! On behalf of our Team, we look forward to collaborating, innovating and adapting and with the community of botanic gardens around the world to make professional record keeping easier.


Below, you will find a copy of the email sent out to all our customers related to the recent changes.

Important news about IrisBG

Dear IrisBG customer,

The software package IrisBG is a result of a collaboration between three companies, Digital Forvaltning AS in Norway, Compositae AS in Norway and Botanical Software Ltd in the UK.

Recently, the decision was taken to dissolve the company Digital Forvaltning AS, which took place on the 6th December 2019. As a consequence of this, the contracts between the three companies related to the collaboration on the IrisBG software package also ended.

What are the consequences for IrisBG users?

  • All software licences are perpetual and valid after the end of the collaboration and the software will continue to work in its current form.
  • Compositae AS and Botanical Software Ltd are both committed to honouring the duration of active annual support contracts and to secure your investment in IrisBG. The only difference is that sales, software updates, annual support, hosting services and licence agreements will from 6 December 2019 be supplied directly from each respective company as listed below.
  • If you have already received an invoice for an annual support period starting before 6 December 2019, please pay this in full. All invoices covering the annual support period starting after 6th December will be sent from the respective company according to the services they provide, as listed below.
  • Sales, Software updates, annual support and licence agreements:
    • Compositae AS
      • IrisBG Desktop.
      • IrisBG Explorer (Garden Explorer)
      • IrisBG Index Seminum
    • Botanical Software Ltd
      • Floria Handheld App (formerly IrisBG Handheld) and Floria Mobile (formerly IrisBG Mobile).
      • Batch Jobs, Office Addin, ArcGIS sync and other community software.
  • Hosting services:
    • Compositae AS
      • Web hosting of IrisBG Garden Explorer
      • Web hosting of IrisBG Index Seminum websites.
    • Botanical Software Ltd
      • Map Hosting Service.
      • Cloud Database Hosting service.

Compositae AS and Botanical Software Ltd look forward to continuing to assist you with the important work you do.

You will be sent a separate email directly from Øyvind Rustan at Compositae AS ( and Havard Ostgaard at Botanical Software Ltd ( which will include more details about the products and services the companies offer.

For more information please visit, and

Collaborate, Innovate and Adapt

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    I look forward to working with you and am excited about what the future holds for Floria!


    • December 12, 2019 at 5:49 pm

      Thank you very much for your encouraging words Greg 🙂

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