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We are delighted to join several gardens in a panel discussion at this year’s American Public Gardens Association Virtual Conference 2021. Details of this session are below.

How to join the panel discussion

The panel discussion is one of four within a concurrent session, open to all conference delegates. Conference registration is now open at https://portal.publicgardens.org/AC2021. We hope to see you there.

Communication Pathways: From The Landscape To The Database

The pandemic has brought new challenges to the staff and volunteers who update and maintain plant records. How can they safely share information about the plants in the landscape? What new technologies can be brought to bear in that effort? It’s vital that we keep records current as they provide the basis for so much of what we do. This panel will discuss a range of communication systems and protocols that have withstood, adapted, or been developed during these trying times.

Registration to the conference is required, and the session is free to registrants.

When: Thursday, June 10, 2021 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM EST


For more details about this year’s virtual APGA conference, please visit: https://www.publicgardens.org/2021-virtual-annual-conference

APGA 2021 Panel Discussion: Communication Pathways

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