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The training day – intermediate and advanced topics, assumes that all delegates are familiar with the basic principles, either by having used the software at work, having followed the online training programme or familiarized themselves with the trial version.

The first session of the day will cover basic topics, but at a fast pace, just to ensure that everyone has understood the core principles of the software. The rest of the day, we will dig deeper into some of the more advanced features. There will also be time for Q&A at the end of the day.

The hands on training will be organized in small groups of 2 or 3 delegates sharing laptops. If you have access to a Windows Laptop, please bring it along. We will use the latest trial version for training. A download link to the trial version will be sent out to delegates prior the event.

The Training Day includes morning coffee/snack and lunch. Lunch will be around 12:00 and there will be a short break in the morning and afternoon.

The training day is open to all users and anyone interested to learn more about our products.

Introductory Session (~45 minutes)

  • Welcome / Introduction.
  • Terminology / Fundamentals / Screen layout and basic operations.
  • Searching for records – basic and advanced search.
  • Basic Principles on updating and adding records.
  • Introduction to reports and maps.

Intermediate Session (~2.5 hours)

  • Recording accessions, intermediate example.
  • Managing images.
  • Recording wild collected material.
  • Introduction to taxonomy.
  • Printing and managing labels with Item management.
  • Events (Tasks, inspections, (trails, funding).
  • Mapping.
  • Using mobile and mobile synchronization.

Advanced Session (~2.5 hours)

  • Managing the taxonomy, including Web Search, IPNI integration, synonyms, hybrid formulas, parentage, references,
  • Managing changes in nomenclature and re-identification of plant material.
  • Managing higher ranking taxa (Taxonomic groups) and taxonomic ranks.
  • Updating multiple records.
  • Report and label configuration.
  • Managing Restrictions, code lists and self-populated drop down lists.
  • Importing data.
  • User management – Granting access and resetting password.


  • Getting more help : Using integrated help, video tutorials and online forum.
  • Summary + Q & A.


Registration will close at October 22nd or when all places are taken.


A special thank you to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden for hosting this event.

Training Day – Intermediate and Advanced Topics

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