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As a proud sponsor of the American Public Gardens Association Conference 2017, we will host two shorter workshop’s as part of the conference programme (Details below).

How to join the workshops

The workshops are open to all conference delegates free of charge. Conference registration is now open at http://2017.publicgardens.org. Hope to see you there.

Introduction to Plant Records: Advanced Collection Management Made Easy

“The significance of a [plant] in the collection lies not in itself alone but also in the information relating to it.” Carl E. Guthe.

A seemingly never-ending challenge for many botanic gardens today is to have sufficient time to record accurate information about their plant collection. The software has been designed to tackle this challenge head-on by making it easy to record and keep track of your botanical collection. In addition, the flexibility, ease of use and power of the software makes it a perfect fit for large academic institutions as well as smaller gardens. In the workshop, we will introduce you to the basic workings of the software and show you how to carry out tasks such as accessioning, mapping of plants, managing nomenclature, printing plant labels, sharing your plant collection with visitors, and much more.

Join our workshop to learn how easy it can be to capture accurate plant collection information and how this data can become more accessible and valuable to your institution.

When : Wednesday June, 21 – 1:45 pm to 3:45 pm.

Advanced Collection Management: Difficult Stuff Made Possible

“Linnaeus’ driving purpose was to bring order out of chaos in the living world.” E.O. Wilson.

Keeping track of a few plants can be achieved using a simple spreadsheet. However, with a larger collection, the spreadsheet approach quickly becomes cumbersome. Moreover, if you want to keep accurate records and track the constant changes in your collection and record detailed scientific information about your plant material, even a more advanced plant record system can become unwieldy and frustrating. Several aspects of managing a plant collection are unfortunately complex by nature, such as changing the nomenclature, recording hybrids, tracking propagation, avoiding duplicate data, reorganizing plant beds, etc. The software has not only been designed to be easy and efficient, but the software also provides a number of unique capabilities to deal with the more complex challenges of plant collection management.

Join our workshop to learn how we can help you to deal with the more difficult challenges of botanical collection management.

When: Tuesday June, 20 – 10:00 am to 12:00 am

Conference Exhibit

Please take the opertunity to visit us at the Conference Exhibit, open on all day Wednesday and Thursday until Lunch.


For more details about the APGA conference, please visit : http://2014.publicgardens.org


Workshops and Exhibit at APGA 2017

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