What is a valuable plant? Depending on the focus of your mission as an institution, whether it is research, conservation, education, horticulture or heritage, some plants in your collection are regarded as more valuable than others. But how do you measure this value across a collection? Are these values well-defined and understood within your institution? Do you find it difficult to communicate these values and your mission to stakeholders and visitors? Are you confident that your plant collection is evolving in the right direction? These are some of the questions that a Collection Value Scoring Approach is trying to address. With more reliable plant collection metrics, your institution will also be in a much better position to move from individual hunches to truly data driven decisions. Join our session to hear three different perspectives on Collection Value Scoring (CVS).


  • Greg Payton, Director of Living Collections, The Dawes Arboretum;
  • Sam Brockington, PhD, Curator, Cambridge University Botanic Garden;
  • Waheed Arshad. PhD, Botanical Scientist, Botanical Software Ltd;
  • Havard Ostgaard, CEO, Botanical Software Ltd

When: June 22, 2022 : 01:45 – 03:15 PM (PDT – Pacific Daylight Time)
This event is available to all conference attendees.

For more details, including how to join, visit the session details on the conference web site.


Hortis Plant Collection Platform

The Future of Living Collection Management: Understanding the Impact of Your Collection Through Value Scoring

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