Last month, we released the activity log for accession records, added the ability to update your collection sites, and enabled greater control over the photos you upload. Read more about July’s Hortis highlights and our “Tip of the Month” on setting featured photos.

Activity log for Accessions

In February, we introduced a comprehensive audit trail in Hortis to track every change made to your plant collection data. This month we made the audit trail viewable in the Accession activity log.

Audit logs are a valuable resource that offer transparency and security when you want to review any activity on records or troubleshoot data issues. They are also an excellent tool to work collaboratively with your colleagues.

A list of all the changes made to the accession follows the same style of activity log as in the plant material records. Hover over the entry to get the exact time of when and by whom the changes were made.

Update your collection sites

Administering the names and mapping preferences of your sites is integral to a well-managed collection. This is why we have introduced the ability to amend your collection site name, shortened name, and site URL. To edit these, head to Settings > Sites > Your Garden > General.

You can also change the center-point and zoom level of your sites, which represents the default view when mapping. We recommend a zoom level of between 14 and 18, but this can be fine-tuned for optimal display on your devices.

Delete photos

Following the introduction of images last month, we have now added the ability to delete photos. With this, you can curate your library very easily. On desktop, simply hover over the photo to reveal the Delete option. On mobiles and tablets, select the photo first to see the additional options.

Tip of the Month

Did you know you can set Featured Images for your plant material records? When uploading an image, you can specify which one you would like to have appear in the header of that record. This will also appear on the summary card when viewing or searching on your map.

We will gradually improve this feature when we start exploring other ways of displaying your photos in Hortis, but for now, give it a try and let us know how you get on!

To access a complete list of all the updates, please visit the Release Notes page.

What’s new in Hortis: July 2022
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