What’s new in Hortis: June 2022

Images in Hortis

In June’s “What’s New in Hortis”, we finalise some of the most requested features, mapping and photos, so they could be lifted out of experimental mode and made available to all users.

A number of other useful features have been added, including the ability to delete accessions and plant materials, and showing the full audit log for updates to plant material records.

Read our post below to find out more about our highlights from June.

For more feature-related news, head to the Release Notes page at support.hortis.com.

What’s new in Hortis: January 2022

What’s new in Hortis: January 2022

We are very excited to share our first monthly What’s New In Hortis update with you. With the Hortis platform, our engineers are able to deploy new features at a high rate without you needing to take any action. This means that users all over the world will always have the latest version on their smartphone, tablet and pc.

When new features are deployed, we will publish the news on the release notes page at support.hortis.com. We will use this blog series to summarise the highlights of the past month.